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the Global Times ●quotes Lu as■ saying. "S■AIL not on○ly provides high-q○uality internation〓al communications se■rvices to c◆ountries in■ these two ●continents, bu●t also serves C〓hinese companies t■o develop ●their business in t●he region."◆The project can adv●ance Camer

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oon's dig〓ital economy, so i◆ts nation's citi○zens gain be◆tter access to phon○e service and● the Intern〓et.Huawei Mar◆ine Networks will ■utilize an ad◆vanced 100G techn◆ology system with ●4 fiber opt●ics pairs that hold●s a design cap●acity - 32T-bit/s.S

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